New ‘Daredevil’ Promotion Hints At Another Major Villain In Season 2

The first teaser for Daredevil’s second season featured an elaborate riff on the Sistine Chapel, turning moments from the show into bits of Renaissance art. Marvel has just rolled out the full image, though, and it has one tidbit in particular fans will get excited over. Potential spoilers ahead!

No, seriously, we might straight up spoil part of season two for you. So don’t keep reading past the fight unless you want to know:

The most interesting are the parts we didn’t see, namely the portraits and objects along the side. Mostly these are characters and items we’ve seen before, although it’s curious how many dead people are featured along the side. But there’s one bit in particular that stands out. Here’s the full image:

See anything in the bottom left-hand corner? Yep, that would be a playing card. Comics readers are probably already giddy, but for the non-comics fans among you, when Elektra and Bullseye square off in the original comic, he kills her with, you guessed it, a playing card. It was what cemented Bullseye as not just another gimmick villain, but a genuine monster. He also has a long and nasty history with the Punisher, since Bullseye works primarily as a mob hitman.

Rumors have gone around for a while that Bullseye would turn up this season, however they remained unconfirmed and it seemed the Punisher was going to be the primary foe Daredevil would face. But if Elektra turns up, and she’s committing assassinations, don’t expect Bullseye to be very far behind.

(Via Marvel)

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