An Ex-Netflix Employee At The Center Of The Dave Chappelle Controversy Has Called Upon Him To Donate To A Trans Charity

Two weeks ago, Terra Field — the Netflix employee who tweeted against Dave Chappelle’s trans jokes in The Closer and was subsequently suspended for attending a meeting, to which she wasn’t invited — announced her resignation from the streamer. At the time, Field’s attorney announced that she had “resolved” any “differences with Netflix” and, therefore, had withdrawn a National Labor Board Relations charge. While Chappelle continues to tell trans jokes on tour, Field has been reflecting upon what has happened, months after Chappelle has declared himself to be “Team TERF” (adopting a trans-exclusionary radical feminist stance).

While Chappelle is just fine and not “cancelled” by any stretch (and his high school alma mater will still name a theater after him), Field has called upon him to put his money where his mouth isn’t to help make things right. “Since it is #GivingTuesday, I’d again like to suggest folks donate to my fundraiser for @EquitasHealth which does great work for trans people in the state of Ohio,” Field tweeted. “Also, what a great day it would be for @DaveChappelle to make a sizable donation to them!”

Notably, this tweet happened days ago, and Chappelle hasn’t bitten yet. Field spoke with The Daily Beast to explain why she called upon Dave to donate to a health provider that serves the Ohio trans community:

“[N]ot only am I raising money for Equitas Health,” Field told The Daily Beast, “but you know, I’ve publicly called on Dave Chappelle to make a sizable donation in his name to Equitas Health. Since he cares so much about trans people and cares so much about Ohio and he’s such an ally to trans people, it just seems like it would make sense for him to make a donation. It’s a natural match.”

Clearly, there’s some hefty sarcasm there, but yep, it’s Dave Chappelle’s move now.

(Via The Daily Beast)