Dave Chappelle Jokes About Not Showing For ‘SNL’ With A Tribe Called Quest

Dave Chappelle’s return to sketch comedy is only a few days away, but don’t think he’s not above making fun of the past a bit. With his latest promo alongside the surviving members of A Tribe Called Quest, Chappelle jokes about his disappearance from sketch comedy and the idea that he just might not come back on Saturday night.

Of course, he wouldn’t be filming promos and commercials about his return is he was planning on running off into the night. I do wonder if maybe we could get a little piano in the opening monologue instead of just straight stand up. I like when he plays a bit of Round Midnight in Dave Chappelle’s Block Party and he’s done it a few time since. You can’t go wrong with a little bit of Thelonius Monk, even if Chappelle is liable to mess up a note or two — as you can see below.

That’s only one of the few hopes people can have for the show this Saturday, likely the first non-Trump related must watch episode of the season. There’s no guarantee it will be a classic, but the odds are much higher than when someone like Russell Crowe or Charles Barkley is hosting. Chappelle will at least be able to roll with what is happening.

(Via SNL)