Dave Coulier Is Booked For ‘Fuller House’ So We Can All ‘Cut It Out’ With The Speculation

Dave Coulier John Stamos Bob Saget
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The reunion for the Full House reboot on Netflix is becoming more complete now that Dave Coulier has confirmed that he is officially on board for Fuller House as Joey Gladstone. He posted this picture of himself with director Mark Cendrowski to Instagram today:

This is great news for those of us who actually had a thing for “the funny uncle” back in the day. (Don’t you judge me, Internet.) But maybe what we’ll get to finally find out is if Uncle Joey ever moved out of that house and had some kind of life of his own beyond the Tanners. Did he keep pursuing his career? Did he ever find love? Is he doing a bitter podcast from someone’s garage? What if he became a grizzly, anxious Marc Maron-type? If there was any Full House-mate who needed some edge, it was Joey. He was a comedian, for crying out loud.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Full House fan fiction to write.