David Blaine Ate Meryl Streep’s Wine Glass At A Party Last Night

I go back and forth on my opinion of magician/stunt artist David Blaine, recently seen electrocuting himself in public with the help of Andrew W.K. I used to really enjoy him back when he was doing the street magic stuff, but the seemingly endless stunts — burying himself under ice, under the ground, holding his breathe for extended periods under water, electrocuting himself in public, etc. — just feel a bit tired and desperate to me at this point.

With that said, the guy is kind of fascinating and I’d love to have the skills he has and the balls to do some of the things that he does. Take, for instance, walking up to the greatest actress of our time at a swanky party and eating her wine glass.

Reports Vulture:

The sometimes ice-bound illusionist was at an event hosted by the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation last night when he walked up to the Best Actress on Earth, grabbed a wine glass from her table (where she was seated with Harvey Weinstein), and started snacking on shards.

Vulture’s Keertana Sastry took a great camera phone shot of Streep looking horrified over what she was witnessing. Blaine later said that he only eats glass occasionally “because I get in trouble for it.”

There’s no Meryl Streep didn’t f*ck David Blaine after that, right? I mean, how could she possibly resist? The guy is a witch or something.

I dug around YouTube a bit and was able to find a clip of Blaine eating glass in one of his past specials, in addition to playing some tooth shenanigans on a bystander…

And as an added bonus, this may be my favorite Blaine trick ever…