David Duchovny And Stephen Colbert Needed An Absurd Amount Of Bleeps To Get Through This Interview

Eighteen total bleeps and quite a few blurs were needed to get through David Duchovny’s interview with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday. It’s not because they were angry at each other, tossing verbal bombs back and forth while on live TV. The true reason is because of Duchovny’s new book, Bucky F*cking Dent. It’s not the story about the New York Yankees shortstop who tore the heart out of Boston Red Sox fans in 1978, but it is related. It’s the saying itself that has an effect on Duchovny’s story, which we learn about later in the interview.

Before then, it’s just about how many times they can get away with saying f*ck on television. Duchovny talks about the difficulty with marketing the book, the different titles he proposed, and even a little bit of Duchovny’s educational background. Who knew that Hank Moody went to Princeton and Yale, other than people who have read the guy’s biography before. Makes the hand model scene in Zoolander just a bit funnier and makes me wonder why nobody takes Fox Mulder seriously in The X-Files.

Calling a book Bucky F*cking Dent is a total Hank Moody thing to do. It doesn’t slide off the tongue like God Hates Us All, but it’s close. Still not as solid as Holy Cow.

(Via The Late Show)