Prepare To Get Really, Really Good Looking Again With Some Facts About ‘Zoolander’ You Didn’t Know

In another life, Andy Dick would’ve played Mugato in the first Zoolander film and would’ve went on to have a far less salacious life than he’s currently leading. Instead, we got Will Ferrell and the character became one of his more iconic roles. Not to mention he apparently saved a lot of cash for the filmmakers because his hair and look didn’t need much tweaking during production.

That’s just a few of the things you’ll get from Cinefix’s latest video featuring some facts you (probably) didn’t know about the original Zoolander. It’s also fun to learn that most of the best lines from the film were improvised, which does include the well known David Duchovny ad lib in the cemetery.

It’s also interesting to learn that Justin Theroux is a talented breakdancer and is the main reason the break dance fight was added to the film. Why doesn’t he try to add some of that to The Leftovers at some point? The show certainly wouldn’t have been so depressing in season one. It’s hard to not crack a smile when someone is breakdancing. You either feel glee from wanting to join in or you’re happy you have someone to yell at during your day. Looking right at you, flash dancer on the subway.

(Via Cinefix)