Never Fear, David Letterman’s ‘Late Show’ Set Will Find Its Proper Museum Ending

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Getty Image / Pete Souza

You no longer need to mourn the passing of David Letterman‘s Late Show set. It will be alive and well in a new location a fair bit west of where it used to live.

Letterman will be donating the non-trashed parts of the set to his alma mater, Ball State, along with a collection of Emmy Awards and assorted props. The Hollywood Reporter notes that this big reveal was made by university president Paul Ferguson before Letterman graced the school’s Emens Auditorium stage for a sold-out engagement with Oscar nominated directors Spike Jonze and Bennett Miller.

What will become of the set once it arrives? The plan is for these donated items to serve as the crown jewels in an exhibit titled “The David Letterman Experience.” Presumably, it will be better than “The Craig Kilborn Experience,” which is just a room where your image rapidly fades away without anyone really noticing.

Letterman, who’s been growing a marvelous beard since leaving the program, responded to “The David Letterman Experience” plan the way you’d imagine he would. “So you can sit at a desk and pretend to talk to an actor?” quipped the former talk show host. No word yet on when this unique offering will be up and running at the Indiana-based learning institution.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)