Billy Eichner Tells People Seth Rogen Died In This Morbid ‘Billy On The Street’ Clip

Seth Rogen guest stars on this week’s new episode of Billy on the Street in the latest of this season’s high profile guest stars. Typically when host Billy Eichner has a celebrity guest on the show, he coordinates the segment by having some sort of game or gimmick pertinent to the guest in question, such as last week’s “Would you have have a threesome with me and Jon Hamm?”

Unfortunately for Rogen, his segment didn’t involve something as fun and breezy as group sex. (Although at one point it does manage to briefly detour into that territory.) Instead, Eichner dragged the Sausage Party star around the streets of New York City from behind the ambiguity of a camera to witness the reactions of people being informed of his fake death. Said reactions range from ambivalence to genuine shock and sorrow, and then after the subject is all nice and properly saddened Eichner tells them, “I have good news, though. HE’S RIGHT HERE, HE’S ALIVE! IT’S SETH ROGEN!” “He made me do this,” Rogen sheepishly deadpans to the first woman who falls for it, displaying a mix of confusion and joy at being informed that Seth Rogen is, in fact, alive.

If this all sounds, well, kinda mean, you’re not alone. Rogen tweeted the following as the clip made its way online today:

Whether the bit was more funny ha ha or funny mean is up for debate, but one thing we all know to be true is that James Franco will join you, whether you like it or not.