Breaking Down ‘The Detour’ And The Parker Family’s New Adventure

Being a parent is a very difficult job and parenting during a vacation often finds a way to enhance that difficulty for put-upon parents that just want a little bit of peace, maybe a few minutes of alone time, and an uneventful trip from point A to point B. However, most trips don’t involve strip clubs, terrible seafood, and plenty of federal agents. And yet, The Parkers endured all that and more in the first season of TBS’ The Detour.

Is it bad luck or are they bad parents? It’s a fair question. But while Nate (Jason Jones) and Robin (Natalie Zea) often end up in bad situations — some that are self-inflicted (getting high on weed gummies) and others that really aren’t (the “birds and the bees” talk is never not awkward) — their efforts should be appreciated because they’re always guided by love and a want to do the right thing for their twins.

In season 2, a new challenge — in the form of New York City — is sure to present the opportunity for more chaos, as well as ample tests of Nate and Robin’s parenting might. Will NYC help Nate and Robin straighten up a bit? Will their kids make it through a new adventure without lasting emotional scars? And what about Robin’s other identity? Perhaps these questions and more will be answered in season 2 of The Detour, premiering February 21 on TBS.