Dexter on the Casey Anthony Verdict

Until yesterday afternoon, I had never heard of Casey Anthony. Honest. My information intake is carefully crafted to give me every scrap of news from the TV industry, some sports news, Twitter’s trending topics, the front page of the New York Post, and more dog and cat pictures than you can possibly imagine. If it’s serious news, I won’t learn about it unless it becomes a meme.

…which, as you can here, it has. Again, I’m barely versed in the Anthony trial — I haven’t even backtracked through the case like Darnell Dockett has — but I know enough to understand that Michael C. Hall’s Dexter hunts down killers who escape the justice system. I’m not sure how much Showtime wants to do the “ripped from the headlines” thing that “Law & Order” did so well, but I suspect it would make for a very short season of “Dexter.”

Bonus Casey Anthony TV news: Below, Jay Leno’s monologue joke comparing the Anthony jury to Obama’s economic team is met with stony silence from the crowd (fast forward to 1:15). Mmmm, that’s good schadenfreude.

[Image via ZOMG; video via SplitSider]