04.10.09 10 years ago

Coming up on next Tuesday’s “90210,” Tori Spelling returns to the show to revive her famous character Donna Martin.  Famous for being the second-most unattractive chick on the original version of the show (sorry, Gabrielle Carteris).  In this alternate reality, Donna has become a fashion designer and has earned the honor of dressing uber-hipstress screenwriter Diablo Cody for the red carpet.

Video below is courtesy TV Addict.  Questions to ask yourself as you watch:  Is it still painful to watch Tori Spelling act?  Is it possible that Diablo Cody’s woodenness actually makes Tori look better?  Would I have loved to be an extra in a famous episode of “90210” so I could have shouted, “Donna Martin masturbates!”?  Yes, yes, and most definitely yes.

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