All The Signs That’ll Make You Believe Dinesh Is A Natural Leader

Features Writer


At the end of the season four premiere of Silicon Valley (available to stream anytime on HBO Now), Pied Piper founder Richard (Thomas Middleditch) announced he was quitting the company to start a new project all on his own. His parting thought, however, was to make Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani) the new CEO, being that he was the one who came up with the company’s new video chat platform in the first place.

While the move came as a shock to everyone, except Big Head (Josh Brener), who saw it as a welcome relief, there have been signs from the get-go that Dinesh has both the technical know-how and natural charisma to lead a tech company. While it’s uncertain how long this new position of power will last, here’s a look at all those moments in the show’s run that suggest that Dinesh is a natural leader.

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