Dip Your Balls In Ken Marino’s Best Roles Before The Debut Of ‘Marry Me’

There are several reasons to be really excited about the debut of Marry Me tomorrow night at 9 PM ET on NBC. For starters, it is the latest effort of writer David Caspe, who previously brought us the wonderful and very sadly-short-lived Happy Endings, which is a series that I still watch daily on YouTube, while hoping that another network comes to its senses and somehow gets the cast back together for 10 more seasons. Additionally, Caspe’s wife and Saturday Night Live alum Casey Wilson, who also starred on Happy Endings, is the female lead, and she’s usually pretty great (although I know plenty of people who disagree :( ). But most of all, at least for me, it’s the presence of her male co-star and friend of UPROXX Ken Marino, who has long been one of the funniest and most underrated actors in the industry, and so very well-deserving of this chance to be a leading man.

While there are also a few red flags with Marry Me – Caspe also wrote That’s My Boy, one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, and his other upcoming series is called Cuz-Bros, about cousins who are bros, NATCH – I’m very willing to give Marry Me the benefit of the doubt based on Marino’s presence alone. As he has proven time and again in supporting roles and even minor cameos, he’s a very rare package of hilarious, charming and handsome, as I’m not afraid to admit that he’s a pretty good-looking dude, and he could date my mom if he’s into older women.

If you’re not familiar with Marino’s best work from the last 20 years, then consider this a crash course to prepare you for Marry Me. If you’re already a fan, consider this a reminder, as if you’d honestly feel burdened by watching these awesome moments again. Please remember that this isn’t a definitive list either, just some favorites and must-watch moments, so feel free to remind me what I forgot, preferably with a mean tone.

1995 – Louie, The State

If you’re a fan of Marino and you don’t still occasionally shout, “I want to dip my balls in it!” then you need to investigate the exact time that you grew up and stopped loving the dumber things from our younger years. That The State isn’t somehow at least on late night Comedy Central or one of those networks that you only occasionally watch because it airs Parks and Recreation reruns at random hours is beyond me, but getting to see this cast of amazing comics at their best in the early-90s is something we should regularly enjoy.

2001 – Victor Kulak, Wet Hot American Summer

It just hit me the other day that Netflix removed this from streaming, and that’s just mean. Sure, I own WHAS on DVD and can watch it whenever I want, but having it a click away on a bad day can really turn things around. I won’t lie and say that I have a clear cut favorite scene – I’m always partial to Chris Meloni’s character – but Victor’s chase with Neil (Joe Lo Truglio) is fantastic. Also, I love when Abby lifts Victor up by the crotch, because it reminds me of how the one year I went to summer camp, I was still too young to understand the late night hookups, but I loved hearing the older kids talk about boobs.

Bonus: Here’s Marino singing “Danny’s Song” in character at the film’s 10th anniversary:

2002 – Professor David Wilder, Dawson’s Creek

Marino had made us laugh plenty of times prior to his Season 5 run on Dawson’s Creek as Professor David “Jailbate” Wilder, but this time he was in it to be a hunky thief of hearts. Of course, he had a lot of nerve showing up to college and stealing Joey’s heart and that taboo kiss on a Friday night coffee stroll, only to let her down softly while teaching her how to write the perfect love story. Or maybe she was the one who let him down. I guess the heart is a book that writes its own endings, or some other such cornball nonsense set to a Duncan Sheik song, while wearing an Abercrombie sweater.