Disney+ Ads Will Be Family-Friendly, Which Will Still Be Annoying, But Maybe Not That Bad

Disney is trying to make the best of its bad situation. The situation, of course, is their need to include advertisements in their latest subscriber tier as the company expands.

In order to appeal to more viewers, the service won’t allow certain ads for their family-friendly streamer, which is the home of every Star Wars and Marvel movie, plus all the early 2000s Disney Channel stuff which is now watched by full-grown adults. What are kids watching on Disney+ anyway? Basketball movies?

The streamer has announced that this new version of Disney+ will not accept ads that involve alcohol or political advertising. To the surprise of no one, the service will not allow ads from competing streaming sites or entertainment companies. That means no Netflix commercials on Disney+, which wouldn’t make a lot of sense anyway, but they had to announce it just to be safe.

So what will the company advertise? Probably just a ton of Disney content. The streamer is reportedly very cautious about their ads, especially when it comes to pre-school and children audiences.

Disney has been in hot water lately after quietly editing out violence in some of their content, but the bad news for them is that the Marvel fans caught on quickly. The good news is that they have a ton of new viewers anyway, so they don’t really care about backlash. Sorry, Netflix!