Disney Has Revealed When You’ll Be Able To See Baby Yoda Again

Disney CEO Robert Iger revealed during an earnings call on Tuesday that since Disney+ launched in November 2019 (and the world fell in love with Baby Yoda), 28.6 million people have signed up for the streaming service. To put that number into context, Hulu currently has 30.4 million users, but it’s been around since 2007. (Netflix is still king, with 167 million paying subscribers as of last year.) According to the Hollywood Reporter, “the numbers beat expectations for the $7-per-month service, which analysts anticipated would have between 20 million and 25 million subscribers.” It’s worth noting that nearly 20 percent of the total subscribers are getting it for free, thanks to a deal with Verizon, but still, it’s about time Disney caught a break. I was really worried for them:

“The launch of Disney+ has been enormously successful, exceeding even our greatest expectations,” CEO Bob Iger said during a call with investors… Much like Netflix, Disney only plans to provide updates on Disney+ growth every quarter.

But unlike Netflix, Disney won’t debut, like, 47 shows and movies every weekend. Disney+ appears to be going the seasonal route for its high-profile programming, as Iger also revealed that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will premiere in August, followed by The Mandolorian season two in October and WandaVision in December. (Loki isn’t out until 2021.) There are still no specific dates, only months, but at least the return of Baby Yoda gives us all something to look forward to. We’ll need it this fall.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)