Do Not Preempt ‘Criminal Minds’ with News of Life-Threatening Weather

05.28.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

This is an angry message left by a Texas woman — I presume with her cable provider or local CBS affiliate — after the season finale of “Criminal Minds” was interrupted by a tornado warning. Actual quote: “I don’t care about that tornado near that county, near that town. I don’t care about those people. All I care about is seeing the season finale of my show.” Your move, depressingly fat “American Idol” woman.

Tellingly, the woman’s message begins with “Let me tell you something…” That’s never good.  It’s never “Let me tell you something: it’s a beautiful day outside” or “Let me tell you something: these cookies are delicious” or “Let me tell you something: Scarlet Johansson wore these panties.” Nope, it’s always a telltale overture to an angry rant. Often about Jews.

[Hot Clicks/BuzzFeed]

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