The Latest Rumor About The Next Doctor Might Make Whovians Much Happier

Casting the next Doctor on Doctor Who always incites a lot of fan opinions, because Whovians love hard. When rumors surfaced that Love Actually‘s Kris Marshall was the front runner to replace Peter Capaldi as Thirteen last week, the general consensus wasn’t exactly positive. While the BCC is currently in the “no casting for Series 11 has taken place” phase, Nerdist has some dirt that might make die-hards a little happier.

The latest name being bandied about by bookies is Michaela Coel of Netflix’s Chewing Gum. This would be a welcome departure from the traditionally white and male Doctor, but this wouldn’t be “diversity for diversity’s sake.” If you haven’t watched Chewing Gum, it should absolutely be added to your queue. Coel not only stars in the series, but she also writes and produces the comedy about a twentysomething who is trying to overcome her ultra religious upbringing and embrace her sexuality. With a quick wit, a weird streak, and an agile way with words, Coel would be a natural as everyone’s favorite TARDIS captain.

With Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffatt poised to exit at the end of the current season, Coel (along with soon-to-be showrunner Chris Chibnall) could usher in a new and refreshing era for Doctor Who. We’ll just have to wait and see who is left in the Doctor’s shoes after the next regeneration.

(Via Nerdist)