‘Documentary Now!’ Has A ‘Wild Wild Country’ Parody Coming That Stars Michael Keaton

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Documentary Now! is killing it these days. The critically acclaimed IFC mockumentary series from Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, Rhys Thomas, and Lorne Michaels previously announced that Cate Blanchett and friends would be in an upcoming third season episode titled “Waiting for the Artist.” On Wednesday, the show’s seemingly unending stream of good news got even better when its two-part Wild Wild Country parody, titled “B*tshit Valley,” nabbed Michael Keaton, Owen Wilson, and Necar Zadegan.

According to a press release from IFC, the two-parter will headline Documentary Now!‘s third season with a back-to-back premiere on Wednesday, February 20th at 10 p.m. ET. The premise, which was also inspired by the 2012 film documentary The Source Family, is nothing short of amazing:

“Batsh*t Valley” follows Father Ra-Shawbard (Wilson), a self-proclaimed spiritual leader who, with the help of his loyal and strong-willed assistant Ra-Sharir (Zadegan), creates a commune of devoted followers in the small town of Chinook, Oregon in the 1980s. When the activities of the Shawbardite commune become public, FBI agent Bill Doss (Keaton) takes it upon himself to reveal the truth about their peculiar leader.

Wilson as a cult leader. Zadegan as his fiercely loyal, if not even more powerful, supporter. Keaton as an FBI agent blessed with the name “Bill Doss.” This is absolutely wonderful. Then again, as IFC’s release notes, the two-part premiere was written by Meyers, who also wrote season two’s “Juan Likes Rice and Chicken,” so yeah… this is going to be amazing.