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So, this is kind of harmless and fun, the sort of thing that makes the Internet a place a joyous place to make fun of things: has ranked the top 49 most influential men of 2009, and Don Draper from “Mad Men” is #1. Number two is the world record-setting sprinter Usain Bolt. Number three is someone named Barack Obama.

The men of the Top 49 span multiple industries and countries; through their achievements, both personal and professional, they have inspired everyday guys in a variety of ways. They’re the men we look to as role models, and history will remember them as those who best embodied the way men aspired to live in 2009.

Yes, when history examines the masculine ideal of 2009, number one on the list will be a philandering fictional character two generations in the past. Number two is a dude who runs fast. Number three is the first black president of the United States. And yet… really, not such a bad list. I’m a lot more jealous of Don Draper than I am of Obama.

(full list begins here)

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