Don Rickles Was A Classic Lovable Jerk To Jimmy Fallon And The Roots On ‘The Tonight Show’

Don Rickles was in classic form for an 89-year-old during his Tonight Show appearance on Tuesday. Sure, he brought out some old jokes from his Dean Martin Roast days, and he still had to contend with Jimmy Fallon’s cackling at everything he said. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t funny.

He started almost immediately, getting a seated introduction from Fallon and tossing out a few quick jabs at the host and the guys in The Roots (joined by guitarist Joe Satriani). It’s worth it for the moments when he calls Fallon on jumping in and constantly making comments during the guest stories. Joke or not, it’s just nice to hear someone voice a complaint you’ve probably had about The Tonight Show interview style.

We also got a classic clip of Johnny Carson confronting Rickles over his broken cigarette box (something that existed during the days when cigarettes were known to cure any number of ailments). It’s just an all-around fun interview with a living legend and a guy who ran around with enough famous names to tell a thousand stories.

(Via The Tonight Show)