Donald Glover Joked About Chevy Chase Using The N-Word On The ‘Community’ Set While Presenting At The WGAs

Donald Glover hasn’t been shy about dealing with Chevy Chase’s racism on the set of Community, and that was certainly the case during Sunday night’s Writers Guild of America Awards. While presenting the Herb Sargent Award for Comedy Excellence to Atlanta executive producer Paul Simms, Glover let rip once again.

“This award was named after Herb Sargent, a writer who worked on Saturday Night Live and came up with the ‘Weekend Update’ with Chevy Chase,'” Glover said. “Chevy Chase once called Herb one of the funniest writers working in television. And Chevy Chase once called me… you know, this is about Paul.”

But Glover was just getting started. He fired off another jab at Chase while joking about his Season 2 appearance in Girls, which Simms also produced. Via IndieWire:

“I was on the set of ‘Girls’ after filming a sex scene for like eight hours,” Glover said. “Which they cut down to two minutes, I’ve never seen the rest of that footage. Afterwards I asked Lena, ‘Yo, what made you decide to work with Paul?’” And she goes ‘honestly, this n— lets me do whatever I want.’ And I remember thinking two things. One, Lena is using the N-word extremely liberally. Who does she think she is, Chevy Chase? And two, that’s the kind of producer I want.”

Over the years, Glover has spoken openly about putting up with Chase on Community. Back in 2018, creator Dan Harmon revealed that Chase was the first to realize that Glover is “immensely gifted,” which then prompted the elderly actor to lash out from jealousy.

“I just saw Chevy as fighting time—a true artist has to be O.K. with his reign being over,” Glover told The New Yorker. “I can’t help him if he’s thrashing in the water. But I know there’s a human in there somewhere — he’s almost too human.”

(Via IndieWire)