Alison Brie Thinks ‘Community’ Was ‘Very Edgy’ But Still Holds Up After All This Time

Alison Brie, just like the rest of us, recently rewatched Community and was pleasantly surprised to learn that the series is still (mostly) just as good now as it was when it aired back in the NBC golden days. Not that she should be surprised, but Community is known for committing to the bit or even taking three seasons to lead up to a single throwaway punchline.

Now that the series is fulfilling its legacy and getting a movie, Brie admitted that the show holds up a lot better than other beloved shows that probably wouldn’t air today. While chatting on the We Might Be Drunk podcast, Brie admitted, “It holds up. I recently rewatched some of it because I love to watch my own work,” Brie joked before adding, “No! It went up on Netflix during COVID, and I just rewatched a bunch of it, and I loved it.”

Brie explained, “We were in that block. It was The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, and us. That was the dream three years or however long that block was going. It was like, ‘Wow, this is awesome.'” Even though Community aired alongside some heavy hitters, it still managed to hold its own against the other shows of its time. “It’s very edgy too,” she added. “I think a lot of that writing was toeing the line for a network comedy of, like, getting in some good jabs.”

The gang will reunite for some more good jabs for the upcoming movie which is expected to begin production this month. All of the original stars are expected to return (besides Chevy Chase, who doesn’t really care). It will be exciting to see how the characters interact together after all this time. Maybe they will all actually get jobs!

(Via Indiewire)