‘SNL’ Combines Kanye West’s Outbursts And ‘A Quiet Place’ Into One Must-See Sketch

Before tonight’s episode, SNL had been off for nearly a month (and yet it feels like “Lobster Diner” has been a part of our lives forever). In that time, A Quiet Place made over $200 million at the box office and Kanye West turned into Donald Trump’s number one supporter who called slavery a “choice.” A whispered horror movie from John Krasinski (Jim Halpert from The Office) and one of the greatest rappers ever seemingly have nothing in common, but SNL found a way to combine them into one sketch. Welcome to “A Kanye Place.”

It’s hard to be quiet, even when there are killer monsters out there hunting you, when Kanye compares himself to Nat Turner and raps utter nonsense like, “Poop-di-scoopty.” You’d be dragged into a cornfield, too, if you had to respond to that in silence, too. A group of friends, including host Donald Glover, Beck Bennett, and Aidy Bryant, weren’t so lucky. Cecily Strong, in particular, was baffled by Kanye’s presence at Chrissy Teigen’s baby shower. Guess who else was there, Glover asked. “Jesse. Tyler. Ferguson.” Strong is dragged to her death when she responds, too loudly, “From Modern Family?!” The sketch ends with Glover in a bunker, where he watches TMZ and finally listens to “Lift Yourself.” He’s killed almost immediately. Was it worth it? Poop-di-scoopty.