An Actor From The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Has A Theory About His Character’s True Identity


The Dragonpit meeting in the Game of Thrones series finale was a who’s who of main characters (including the new king, Bran Stark), old favorites (Edmure Tully! Yara! Robin?), and… wait, who was that next to Gendry? No clue. He doesn’t have a name, and neither do a few of the other leaders representing “all the Great Houses,” to quote Samwell. One of the other unnamed rulers in the crucial scene was the new Dornish prince, which is odd, considering how important Dorne was on Thrones for a time. Then everyone hated the Sand Snakes (obligatory comment about how they’re much better in the books) and the world moved on, although the Red Viper is forever in our hearts.

But in an interview with Screen Rant, the new prince of Dorne opened up about who the heck he is. “Someone mentioned a possible name, but I think it was an invented name,” actor Toby Osmond said. “So it would have just been a series name.” Many viewers suggested he was Quentyn Martell, the son of Doran Martell (Oberyn’s older brother who was killed by Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes) and Lady Mellario of Norvos, but “just doing the math, I thought, well, Prince Doran’s kid… I’m just, I’m too old, unfortunately,” the actor confirmed:

“There’s no way I could be a brother of Trystane because he could probably be my son, to be honest. So I just figured I was the younger brother of Doran and the Red Viper. Or, there was an interesting fan theory about another house in Sunspear and Dorne, I can’t remember the name of it. But I’d like to think that I’m a Martell.”

So, there you go: even the actor playing the prince doesn’t know who the prince is. A fitting ending to all things Dorne. Anyway, Osmond also revealed that he was gifted Oberyn’s sword, even though “he never used it. He used his spear, of course. So yeah, on set, I had this beautiful snake-headed scimitar. It had, I think it was a cobra on the top of the hilt. And then the cross guard heads were snakes as well.” No wonder Taylor Swift loves Game of Thrones so much.

(Via Screen Rant)