Original ‘Firestarter’ Drew Barrymore Called Out The Razzies For ‘Bullying’ A 12-Year-Old: ‘I Don’t Like It’

This week saw the Razzies got raked over the coals for nominating 12-year-old Ryan Kiera Armstrong for “Worst Actress” based on her performance in the Hulu remake of Firestarter. The backlash was so swift and justified that the “comedic” organization quickly walked back the nomination and enacted an age limit that will prevent anyone under 18 from being targeted by the awards show. Razzies founder John Wilson also apologized to Armstrong in a public statement.

Despite the Razzies making a quick reversal, the original Firestarter, Drew Barrymore had some things to say. The actress dragged the satirical organization not once, but twice on Thursday starting with an appearance on CBS Mornings where she called the nomination straight-up “bullying.”

Via Variety:

“She is younger and it is bullying. We do want to be cautious about how we speak to or about people because it encourages other people to join in on that bandwagon. I’m glad to see people didn’t jump on the ‘let’s make fun of her’ wave and instead said, ‘This isn’t right.’”

Barrymore added, “You got to have a sense of humor but when you’re talking about children all bets are off. I don’t like it.”

Later that day, Barrymore used her own talk show to call out the Razzies again as she revealed that the whole situation “makes my blood boil.”

“I would just say to them, ‘Please don’t do this to people who are younger. That’s not nice,'” Barrymore said. “And I really like Ryan… don’t do this again.”

(Via Variety)