06.24.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, the nancy-boy star of the sexed-up period drama “The Tudors,” was taken into custody after drunkenly trying to fight cops at the airport.  Or at least that’s what The Sun says.

He bragged how rich he was, threw euros on the floor and then told the officers: “You wanna hit me? Hit me!”

Police at Charles DeGaulle in Paris handcuffed the actor, 31, who plays Henry VIII in BBC2’s The Tudors. [Ed. note — BBC2 is British for “Showtime.”]  He was later released pending further inquiries.

You may notice that nowhere in this article does it say he was arrested or charged with anything.  That’s because famous actors have such hard lives that we need to give them some legal leeway regarding drunk and disorderly conduct.  Especially when airport security is concerned.  Actors face so many different pressures from their fame and wealth that sometimes they just need to throw money on the ground to show how much better they are than people who work crappy jobs they hate to scrape together savings in the faint hopes of paying their mortgages and their children’s educations.  There there, Jonathan.  There there.  Shhh, it’s gonna be okay.  Just let it out.

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