Duh, TV Makes Kids Fat and Stupid

05.05.10 9 years ago 7 Comments

A new study has found that young children who watch a lot of TV will be dumber, fatter, and more likely to exhibit poor behavior than children who play outside and participate in activities that keep them actively engaged. Behavioral scientists studied 1300 children over the span of seven years to come to these results, which you can read in next month’s New England Journal of DURR HURRR.

Each additional hour of TV that toddlers watch per week translates into poorer classroom behavior, lower math scores, less physical activity, and more snacking at age 10, according to a new study in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine…

Each additional hour spent in front of the TV per week at age two-and-a-half corresponded to a 7 percent decrease in classroom engagement, a 6 percent decrease in overall math achievement, and a 10 percent increase in being bullied by peers… TV watching also appeared to have negative effects on physical health, with each additional weekly hour resulting in a 9 percent decline in overall physical activity, a 9 percent increase in soft-drink consumption, a 10 percent increase in snacks eaten, and a 5 percent increase in body mass index. [CNN]

Here, let me save you seven years of work: TV is bad for kids. Groundbreaking work, Einstein. I’ve always suspected that kids who watch more TV eat more snacks, but FINALLY someone put the leg work in to find out HOW MANY MORE SNACKS. This oughta win the Nobel Prize. There’s a Nobel Prize for “obvious crap,” right?

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