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Watch out! They’re loaded with VD!

As those of you who are wasting your lives already know, Paris “City of Blights” Hilton is in the process of filming a new reality show, “Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend.”  Because, like, she already got a regular best friend?  But this will be totally different, because the girls have accents or whatever?

Anyway, in skanky news about skanks vying to be the skanky friend of the skankiest skank to ever skank, two skanks got into a fight over… something.  At this point I can’t really pretend to care.

A source tells the [UK’s Sun], “The two were screaming at each other until 4.30am. They were both foaming at the mouth. Bosses had to call a psychiatrist to try to calm them.”

What, do they have a psychiatrist on hand at all times or something?

A spokesperson for the show says, “We have a psychiatrist on hand at all times.”

Oh.  Naturally.  Well then.

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