The Cruel Internet Has Provided The Soundtrack To Daryl Dixon’s Life On ‘The Walking Dead’

Daryl Dixon is having a rough time on The Walking Dead right now. As some have suggested, Negan played the long con on Daryl. He intentionally threatened Rosita in the seventh season premiere in order to get a rise out of Daryl, prompting Negan to kill Glenn as a designed effort to psychologically break Daryl through a combination of guilt, isolation, near-starvation, sleep-deprivation, and mind games. There’s a fan theory floating around right now that suggests that Negan intentionally designed this evil plan in order to break Daryl and turn him into a Savior.

One of the major components to Negan’s mindf**kery is the song “Easy Street,” by the Collapsable Hearts Club. Negan put it on repeat and subjected poor Daryl to the same peppy earworm over and over and over. It truly is a testament to Daryl Dixon’s emotional fortitude that he could survive that entire ordeal and maintain his dignity and sense of self.

Now thanks to the Internet, we too can experience some of what Daryl is suffering! YouTuber “Saving You From Yourselves” has uploaded a ten-hour version of “Easy Street” onto YouTube. So, throw on a sweatshirt; grab a can of dog food and two slices of bread; fetch a Polaroid of your best friend’s smashed-in skull; lock yourself in a small, dark enclosed place and hit play.

For ten hours, we can all live like Daryl Dixon!