The Ultra-Rare McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce From The Limited ‘Rick And Morty’ Event Is Going For Big Bucks On eBay

Szechuan Saucegate, as it’s coming to be known, is the greatest boon to aftermarket sellers since Nintendo shorted the supply of Super Nintendo Classics. A single little packet of the coveted dip from the one-day-only Rick and Morty event at McDonald’s is going from fifty bucks to over a thousand on eBay. It’s ridiculous, and possibly delicious.

There’s even someone selling a .5ml taste for $60! A little taste!

Thankfully, it seems as if McDonald’s knows it needs to up the supply of the sweet, sweet, Szechuan for another event in the future. This can’t be a single limited time event. Not with it going down like this. Somewhere in the multiverse, every fan got a packet or three of the Szechuan sauce, and people didn’t need to spend big bucks on eBay so they could enjoy dipping a nugget into Rick’s favorite rare sauce.

Considering how popular the Szechuan Spectacular was, you’d think they’d make this a regular thing?

Imagine being one of the people who got a packet of Szechuan and didn’t realize they were eating the most decadent food item in the world for a day? And will the empty packets go for anything? Maybe a finger dip of the sauce is worth like, $10?