Elisabeth Moss Cried ‘Real Tears’ During An Iconic ‘Mad Men’ Scene

So many of the best moments on Mad Men involved Don Draper and Peggy Olson. Think: “that’s what the money is for!” in “The Suitcase,” or Don telling Peggy that it “will shock you how much it never happened” while she’s in the hospital in “The New Girl,” or Peggy declaring her independence in “Shut the Door. Have a Seat.”

There’s also one of the best episodes of the AMC series, “The Other Woman,” where Peggy tells Don that she’s accepted a job offer at rival company Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough. The goodbye is devastatingly effective — so effective, in fact, that actress Elisabeth Moss was crying “real tears” while co-star Jon Hamm kissed her hand.

“It all felt very real. I had a very close relationship with Jon,” Moss told Vanity Fair. “There was sort of like a mentor/protégé relationship there, very older brother, little sister. And so it meant something to the both of us when we did this scene.” About the kiss, she said, “That right there is real. That’s actually real tears, which you know, hate to break it to you, but often we’re faking it. He held onto my hand and didn’t let go and then kissed it. None of that was in the script and he did it on my close-up.” It meant so much to Moss that when the costume department “asked me what costume I wanted to keep, I said I wanted to keep that one because of that scene,” she revealed.

That’s probably how Hamm feels about his Progressive outfits, too.

You can watch the video above.