Emilia Clarke Discussed ‘Game Of Thrones’ Nudity, Getting Stuck On Toilets With Jimmy Kimmel

The one known as Khaleesi, Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, where she chatted about getting punched by a hooker, spending so much of season one (and three!) in the nude, and the time she got stuck to a toilet, all while speaking in her adorable accent that I always forget she has.

You know how every April Fool’s Day, newspaper cartoonists swap series, so that the old man who writes Marmaduke takes over Get Fuzzy and vice versa? TV should do something like that, too; the Emilia Clarkes and Andrew Lincolns of the world can portray their characters with their real accents, but the Americans have to fake being British. I would pay a whole lot of converted pounds to hear Michael Rooker’s impression of a Yorkshire man. BY JOVE IT’S A BITERGRAM IS WHAT THIS IS. As for the aforementioned toilet anecodote:

“I was kind of covered head to toe in the fake blood. And I’m kind of continually sticking myself, to myself or to other things,” Clarke said. She even admitted that at one point she vanished from the set. It turns out she’d gotten stuck to the toilet. According to Clarke, the “heart” was actually more like a giant gummi bear covered in tons of fake blood. But don’t think that made it any more pleasant or sweet for her to have to put in her mouth. Clarke [said] it was so disgusting she kept heaving into a bucket between takes. (Via)

Clarke’s blood- and vomit-covered toilet tales are still classier than most people’s wedding stories.