Why Does Emilia Clarke’s Face Appear On Anti-Rape Posters In Russia?

The woman you see above is Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke. She is not “Anya,” a fictional creation used by the Vladimir Putin-backed mayoral candidate Yakov Silin on anti-rape posters throughout Yekaterinburg, Russia. To repeat: one’s a world famous star of an HBO series; the other doesn’t exist. But it’s easy to be confused.

Emilia Clarke has found herself at the centre of a Russian political drama after a mayoral hopeful in Yekaterinburg used her image as part of his campaign. Yakov Silin claimed the actress was a 24-year-old local woman, called Anya, who was happy with the levels of security in the city.

His campaign literature quoted the fictional woman as saying she enjoyed nighttime walks “confident that nobody’s going to harass or rape me.” (Via)

I AM THE MOTHER (RUSSIA) OF DRAGONS. The authors of the campaign admitted, “We selected a famous and beautiful actress on purpose, to make it clear that this is a fantasy,” proving the only difference between Russia and Lhazar is Russia has more snow. If anyone wants to Photoshop Putin’s face over Khal Drogo’s, please do.

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