Emily Blunt’s ‘Horror Show’ Of A First Kiss Wasn’t Quite As Horrifying As ‘A Quiet Place’

Emily Blunt stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday to promote A Quiet Place Part II for the second time after the film held its premiere back in March 2020, only to watch the world shut down immediately. While sitting down with Kimmel and cracking a joke about how she’s been promoting the film for an entire year (“but it’s worth it,” Blunt said), the conversation turned to birthday parties and an anecdote about how Blunt’s first kiss was almost as horrifying as The Quiet Place.

After describing a quintessential ’90s birthday party with roller blading and boys rocking the “curtain” hairstyle (think Ryder Strong and Will Friedle from Boy Meets World), Blunt said that eventually, the room full of 13 year olds decided to play Spin the Bottle. When it was her turn, the bottle landed on a boy she had a crush on, and Blunt was initially excited for the moment. After setting the stage that she was somewhat familiar with the concept of French kissing, but thought it “sounds weird,” her crush apparently was very familiar with the idea, and Blunt was not a fan of the experience. In fact, she was “horrified.”

“[He] slipped you the tongue,” Kimmel asked, to which Blunt replied. “Oh, massively. Well, not ‘slipped’ because that sounds kind of delicate.”

After asking if she still stays in touch with the boy, Blunt said, “no,” but she did show a moment of regret about using his name while recalling the awkward teenage moment.