Here Are The Best Twitter Reactions To The Announcement Of This Year’s Emmy Nominees

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07.10.14 17 Comments

As you’re aware by now, the 2014 Emmy Awards nominees were announced this morning, and — although we never get what we want — I guess the least we can do is congratulate those who did get nominated by sharing their reactions.

Woody Harrelson, via Alan Sepinwall:

David Simon, via Dave Walker:

Noah Hawley (Fargo) FTW:

Lena Dunham (who was nominated herself) on behalf of Adam Driver:

Kevin Spacey:

Aaron Paul is like, LOL again?

Jeff Daniels:

OPINION TIME: Ricky Gervais definitely deserves to be nominated for Derek, but I’m conflicted that it’s for “best actor in a comedy,” given the way he very poignantly and delicately plays a mentally disabled man. Chalk another one up to The Emmys Are Stupid.

Tony Hale:

Anna Chlumsky:

Jordan Peele and Stephen Colbert:

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