Here’s The Trailer For ‘Enough Said’, A Rom-Com Starring James Gandolfini & Julia Louis-Dreyfus

After James Gandolfini died, I recall reading somewhere that one of the last projects he worked on was a romantic comedy about two divorcees who fall in love, with Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus playing the leads, and I was like, “WHHHAAAAAAATTTTT?!?!” It just wasn’t your typical role for him, ya know. But now, after having watched the trailer above, I’m kind of stunned by how much I want to see this. Gandolfini seems perfect in the role, the beard really does something for him, and he and JLD really do seem to have some genuine chemistry going on here. What a pleasant surprise!

Enough Said will be in theaters on September 20th.

(Via Splitsider)