Eric Stonestreet Recounts The Time He Sent Jesse Tyler Ferguson A Raunchy Sex Toy In The Mail

Eric Stonestreet’s affinity for pranking his TV husband Jesse Tyler Ferguson has been well documented in the past, and on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Stonestreet revealed that things haven’t changed much. His most recent prank apparently involved a sex toy called a “Colt Power Stroker” which — according to [NSFW] — is a “super tight, yet stretchy masturbator” that may or may not have the side effect of causing “EXPLOSIVE” orgasms.

Good to know!

At any rate, like a true friend and coworker, Eric Stonestreet generously had one of these Power Strokers sent to Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s house. But after not hearing anything for a week he asked Ferguson about it. He had not received said package because — in a truly Modern Family-esque mix-up — there was a chance it had actually been delivered to Jim Parson’s house. Being that Ferguson has said his character on Modern Family is basically an exaggerated version of his own personality, I’m sure you can imagine how he felt about that.

Long story short, Jesse Tyler Ferguson ended up receiving five total Colt Power Strokers, so it was a happy ending for everyone.