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The charming empty vessels at “Fox and Friends” recently discussed a study that claimed married couples are less likely to develop dementia than aging single people.  However, the study was conducted in Finland and Sweden, and as Brian Kilmeade will tell you, the pure genes of the Nordic races means the findings don’t apply to America’s mongrel society.

His meandering screed is so incoherent and unfounded and stupefying and galactically idiotic that I forced myself to transcribe it.  Here’s the gist of it, minus an incredulous interjection from Gretchen Carlson:

We, uh… We’re uh… We keep marrying other species and ethnics and uhhh… The Swedes have pure genes, because they marry other Swedes.  That’s their role.  Finland, Finns marry other Finns, so they have a pure society.  In America, we marry everybody.  So we marry Italians, Irish, so that [study] does not apply to us.

Thanks, white man from the 19th century! Although to be fair, in response, Hitler was like, “Yeah, totally.”


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