Every Episode Of ‘Suits’


Manhattan power attorney Harvey Specter is sitting in his office reading a client file while drinking a glass of very expensive scotch. It is 8 a.m. His secretary Donna enters the office looking concerned. She is with his associate Mike Ross, who has a secret.

DONNA: Mike’s here.

MIKE: I’m here.


MIKE: Because of the case.

HARVEY: Dammit.

MIKE: But also my secret.

HARVEY: Dammit.

DONNA: I’ll get some coffee.


Managing partner Jessica Pearson is busy in her office. Louis Litt storms in.

LOUIS: Jessica.

JESSICA: Go away.

LOUIS: I know.

JESSICA: Go away.

LOUIS: Jessica, I know.

JESSICA: Get Harvey.

Suits - Season 4

Harvey is out to dinner with a client. They are at a very expensive restaurant. Harvey orders “the usual” and the waiter brings him a steak that is not even on the menu.

HARVEY: The case.

CLIENT: You’re the best lawyer in New York.

HARVEY: I know.

CLIENT: That’s why I need you to break the law for me.

HARVEY: Dammit.


Mike Ross goes to the firm’s file room to meet his girlfriend Rachel.

MIKE: Louis knows.

RACHEL: I am furious with you.

MIKE: What do you want me to do?!

RACHEL: I’m sorry.

MIKE: I’m sorry.

[They have sex.]


Harvey is back in his office. Louis storms in.

HARVEY: Not now. The case.

LOUIS: Yes now.

HARVEY: Dammit.

LOUIS: Harvey, I know.

HARVEY: Dammit.

LOUIS: Listen to me.


LOUIS: I’m serious.

HARVEY: Dammit.

[Mike enters.]

LOUIS: Hi Mike. I know.

MIKE: [looks at Harvey] But the case…

HARVEY: Bye Louis.

[Louis leaves angrily]

MIKE: I fixed the case.

HARVEY: No you didn’t.

MIKE: Yes I did. Look in the folder.

HARVEY: [looks in folder that contains a single piece of paper that fixes everything] Wow. You fixed the case.

MIKE: But about my secret…

HARVEY: Dammit.


Next time on Suits

JESSICA: Harvey.

HARVEY: Dammit

DONNA: Harvey.

HARVEY: Dammit.

LOUIS: I know.

HARVEY: Dammit.

MIKE: My secret.

HARVEY: Dammit.