Here’s Everything New On Netflix In August 2022, Including ‘The Sandman’ And ‘Clusterf**k: Woodstock ’99’

As you’re well aware by now, it is not as hell out there. Unprecedented waves of heat bear down upon us, and that’s one of several reasons why you’d be better off inside, bingewatching to your heart’s content. Fortunately, Netflix has you covered. There aren’t returns from juggernauts this month like Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy, but a long-awaited onscreen arrival for Neil Gaiman’s classic series is here to ominously step into those more mainstream shoes.

An exploration of a musical “clusterf**ck” and a sports documentary series will also fill your queues, along with returns from a Mindy Kaling-produced show and a spooky series based upon the works of Joe Hill. The library’s also overstuffing itself again with Spider-Man and Men In Black aplenty. There’s no way that you’ll be bored this month, not even for a moment.

Here’s everything coming to (and leaving) Netflix in August.

The Sandman (Netflix series streaming 8/5)

Neil Gaiman’s seminal comic book series finally lands on the small screen (while the successful Audible epic keeps lugubriously pushing forth. The story picks up with Morpheus (the King of Dreams) angry as hell and for good reason. He takes vengeance against those who have imprisoned him, and he moves through space and time and dimension on a cosmic trip for the ages. In the end, the story weaves a miraculous tapestry of fiction and drama, infused with mythology for the ages.

Clusterf**k: Woodstock ’99 (Netflix documentary streaming 8/3)

Woodstock’s 1999 revival didn’t bring the peace and love of the 1969 original. Rather, it brought Trent Reznor raging onstage while the chaos continued to unfold for the entire festival. That’s nothing to do with NIN, but rather, the entirety of the production, which devolved into an extended weekend of mud and riots. This film digs into the “why” of it all, including interviews with staffers and planners. In the end, everything came down to pure greed and chaos, and it’s time to relive it all… from afar.

Untold: Volume 2 (Netflix series streaming 8/16)

The streaming service brings back this critically acclaimed docuseries with four new weekly epic stories. Expect to explore the expected (football and basketball) as well as the more offbeat (streetball) while the narrative takes you far beyond the media portrayal of each case. There’s grit and comedy and pathos and a “Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist,” which delivers one heck of a lesson about public relations, especially where it involves Hawaii native Manti Te’o, who deals with a great tragedy after entering college as a star player.

Never Have I Ever: Season 3 (Netflix series streaming 8/12)

Mindy Kaling’s brainchild (one of many, that is) returns for more coming-of-age shenanigans, and this season, Devi ends up achieving one of her goals (romance), but relationships end up being a lot more work than expected. And more drama, too.

Locke & Key: Season 3 (Netflix series streaming 8/10)

Joe Hill’s best-selling Locke and Key horror comic seemingly took forever to move out of adaptation limbo and into small-screen mode. This led to viewers enjoying the Locke children’s maneuvering against a spirit called Dodge when all the kids really want to do is feel comfy in their ancestral home. There are keys, yes, which are very attractive to the demonic foe in question, and this coming-of-age mystery’s still all about dealing with both love and loss, sometimes simultaneously. Also, it’s spooky.

Avail. TBA
Delhi Crime: Season 2
Partner Track

Avail. 8/1
Big Tree City
28 Days
8 Mile
Above the Rim
The Age of Adaline
Battle: Los Angeles
Bridget Jones’s Baby
Bridget Jones’s Diary
Dinner for Schmucks
Eyes Wide Shut

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Hardcore Henry
Legends of the Fall
Love & Basketball
Made of Honor
Men in Black
Men in Black 3
Men in Black II
Miss Congeniality
No Strings Attached
Pawn Stars
: Season 13
Polly Pocket: Season 4: Part 2: Tiny Taste Adventure
She’s Funny That Way
Space Jam
Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 3
Top Gear
: Season 29-30
The Town
Woman in Gold

Avail. 8/2
Ricardo Quevedo: Tomorrow Will Be Worse

Avail. 8/3
Clusterf**k: Woodstock ’99
Don’t Blame Karma!
Good Morning, Verônica
: Season 2

Avail. 8/4
Lady Tamara
Super Giant Robot Brothers
Wedding Season

Avail. 8/5
The Informer
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie
The Sandman

Avail. 8/6

Avail. 8/7
Riverdale: Season 6

Avail. 8/8
Code Name: Emperor
Team Zenko Go
: Season 2

Avail. 8/9
I Just Killed My Dad
The Nice Guys

Avail. 8/10
Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist
Indian Matchmaking
: Season 2
Instant Dream Home
Iron Chef Brazil
Locke & Key
: Season 3
School Tales The Series

Avail. 8/11
DOTA: Dragon’s Blood
: Book 3
Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story

Avail. 8/12
13: The Musical
A Model Family
Day Shift
Never Have I Ever
: Season 3

Avail. 8/15
Ancient Aliens: Season 4
Deepa & Anoop
Learn to Swim

Avail. 8/16
Untold: Volume 2
UNTOLD: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist

Avail. 8/17
High Heat
Junior Baking Show
: Season 6
Look Both Ways

Avail. 8/18
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Season 3
Inside the Mind of a Cat
Tekken: Bloodline

Avail. 8/19
The Cuphead Show!: Part 2
The Girl in the Mirror (Alma)
Glow Up
: Season 4
The Next 365 Days

Avail. 8/20
Fullmetal Alchemist The Revenge of Scar

Avail. 8/21
A Cowgirl’s Song

Avail. 8/23
Chad and JT Go Deep
Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1

Avail. 8/24
Lost Ollie
Queer Eye: Brazil
Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee
Selling The OC
Under Fire
Watch Out, We’re Mad

Avail. 8/25
Angry Birds: Summer Madness: Season 3
History 101: Season 2
Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure
That’s Amor

Avail. 8/26
Drive Hard: The Maloof Way
Loving Adults
Me Time
Seoul Vibe

Avail. 8/29
Under Her Control
Mighty Express
: Season 7

Avail. 8/30
I AM A KILLER: Season 3
Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul

Avail. 8/31
Club América vs Club América
Family Secrets
I Came By

Leaving 8/4
They’ve Gotta Have Us: Season 1

Leaving 8/5

Leaving 8/7
We Summon the Darkness

Leaving 8/9
The Saint

Leaving 8/10
Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Leaving 8/15
Endless Love

Leaving 8/20
The Conjuring

Leaving 8/23
Young & Hungry: Seasons 1-5

Leaving 8/24
The November Man
Wheel of Fortune
: Season 35-37

Leaving 8/25
Taxi Driver
The Visit

Leaving 8/27
Wind River

Leaving 8/30
In the Line of Fire

Leaving 8/31
A Nightmare on Elm Street
A Nightmare on Elm Street
A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
Agatha Christie’s Crooked House
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
The Dark Knight Rises
The Departed
Grown Ups
Just Like Heaven
Kung Fu Panda 2

Major Dad: Seasons 1-4
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
Mission: Impossible
Mission: Impossible II
Public Enemies
Rise of the Guardians
Soul Surfer
Starship Troopers
We Are Marshall
Wyatt Earp