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I love Jack White, okay?  I’m That Guy: you know, the one that has pretentious idiot music-snob conversations about how Meg White is a perfect drummer for the White Stripes because Jack intentionally gives himself constraints to work within, because that’s the only way that he can make music challenging for himself, maaaaaaan.  I deserve your scorn.

As That Guy, I think “Seven Nation Army” is about as badass as a rock song can be and still be a huge pop hit.  And I’m glad that it’s a popular song, because the aural retards who listen to Top 40 should be exposed to something good from time to time.

Unfortunately, the song’s popularity eventually manifested itself in the opening number to the most recent episode of “So You Think You Can Dance,” a number that the L.A. Times called a “sharp military-inspired hip-hop dance… reminiscent of Janet Jackson’s ‘Rhythm Nation’ video.”  Which is funny, because I call it reminiscent of wanting to punch people.

[via Stereogum]

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