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In this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live,” Dwayne Johnson played a local Hawaiian singing and dancing for hotel guests (Johnson’s mother is Samoan, and he attended a Honolulu high school for a year).  In between verses, Johnson’s character insulted the tourists, which was usually good for a laugh or two (see the full skit below).

Unless you’re Hawaiian.  In which case, mobilize the Bitching Brigade:

[The skit] has incited the ire of Lt. Gov. James “Duke” Aiona Jr. and tourism officials, who claim the piece is offensive and crosses the line at a critical time for the state’s biggest industry…

“While I always appreciate a good laugh, ‘Saturday Night Live’ went too far in its negative depiction of Hawai’i’s native people and tourism industry,” Aiona said. “During these critical economic times, when tourism dollars are scarce, we cannot let such distortions go unchecked. The people of Hawai’i are among the most generous, diverse and culturally sensitive people in the world.”

Listen, Hawaii.  You are a little slice of paradise.  I love visiting you.  But don’t try to tell me you don’t hate white people and call them haole every chance you get.  You see, it’s OKAY to hate white people.  It’s like the color black, or Frank Sinatra, or blowjobs: it’s never gonna go out of style.

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