Here’s Everything We Know About ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season Two

On paper, the idea of Ichabod Crane crankily wandering the modern era with a female police officer sounded like a disaster. Actually watching it, it was delightful, and so popular it was the first show renewed last season. Can Sleepy Hollow follow up its freshman success? Here’s everything we know.

The Show In A Nutshell

Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) wakes up in modern day New York state and teams up with Abby (Nicole Beharie), a local policewoman, to find and take down the Headless Horseman. Along the way, they discover they’re “Witnesses,” essentially the people tasked with keeping demons, like big bad Moloch, from destroying the world. Also, Ichabod does not adjust well, at all, to the modern day, which is hilarious.

Where We Left Off

Last season, we ended with Abby stuck in purgatory thanks to swapping with Katrina, Ichabod’s wife. Not that the happy couple had much time to chat, since she was abducted by the Headless Horseman and also because Ichabod was buried alive by the Horseman of War, aka the Sin Eater, aka Ichabod and Katrina’s son. Oh, and Captain Irving took the fall for his daughter and went to jail. Yeah, things were a little bleak!

Obviously, Abby escapes purgatory and Ichabod does a Bride impersonation, because they’re out and fighting Moloch next season. To give you an idea of how much Fox likes this show, they’ll have between fifteen and eighteen episodes to get a handle on the demons out there. Here, have a trailer!

What’s New?

Well, the show’s gotten a massive budget boost — if the extra episodes and the fact that there’s more effects in that reel than in some entire episodes last season didn’t make that clear — and with that comes new characters.

Irving doesn’t get out of jail right away, and Sheriff Reyes (played by Sakina Jaffrey) will be filling in. As you may have guessed, she has no idea what’s going on and Ichabod and Abby will have to work around her. And because Katrina’s in play, and the show has an admirable dedication to not pairing off its main characters romantically, a skeptical arms dealer named Nick Hawley (Matt Barr) will turn up.

In the flashbacks, Timothy Busfield will be playing Benjamin Franklin, and we’ll meet Benedict Arnold. So it’ll be a busy season! In terms of monsters, Abbie and Ichabod will be going up against, among others, the Pied Piper and Ichabod’s ex, who’s referred to as “The Weeping Lady.” Well, that’s not ominous or anything!

Should We Keep Watching?

So far? All signs point to yes. The show has always been ridiculous, but it seems everybody involved understands that its strengths lie in the friendship between Abby and Ichabod, and the two of them hunting monsters. As long as Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison have a great comedic chemistry, this show will be worth watching. It premieres September 22nd at 9pm EST.