Everything’s Coming Up Greendale: Six Stories We’d Like To See In ‘Community’ Season 6

07.01.14 4 years ago 38 Comments


Thanks to Yahoo!, Community will continue to march on for another season, and maybe even a movie. It’s just as the prophets foretold! (The prophets are whoever wrote for The Cape.) We’ve already celebrated the news with pops and even more pops, but now it’s time to start thinking about season six, and what madcap shenanigans Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna might have in store for us.

Here are a few stories I wouldn’t mind seeing next season. I didn’t include more Dean rapping, because I’m hoping that get its own spinoff. He could go by Madean Gun Kelly, or Dean Latifah.

1. An Internet-themed episode.



Community has given us so many classic GIFs over the years. Who could forget?




Point is, there’s been a Puppet Episode, Video Game Episode, Paint Ball Episodes, G.I. Joe Episode, and Zombie Episode, among many others, but there’s never been an Internet Episode. (OK, “App Development and Condiments” could count, but whatever, negative MeowMeowBeenz for you.) I don’t know what that would mean exactly, but if anyone can tackle GIFs, podcasts, and the Yahoo! comments section (sample comment on the article about resurrecting Community: “They saved this instead of Revolution? So sad…I think this show is so boring”), it’s Dan Harmon.

2. The Ass-Crack Bandit

Ass-Crack Bandit


If only because Dustin might go crazy (crazier?) if they don’t reveal his/her identity.

3. Back to the Back to the Future

back to the future

Universal Pictures

Community came thisclose to a Back to the Future-themed episode, but it never happened because according to Gillian Jacobs, Donald Glover couldn’t crack the code.

I remember Donald always kept trying to figure out how we could do a Back to the Future episode without magic, and I don’t think he ever cracked it. But that was sort of a goal for a while. But we couldn’t have actual magic. We tried to not have — well, maybe we got away from that — did we have magic on the show? I don’t know! It’s hard to tell sometimes! [Laughs] Multiple timelines — is that magic? Or is that just, like, advanced science?…I wish Donald had figured out how to do that Back to the Future episode that never happened. (Via)

They could try again without Glover, or hey, if that still doesn’t work, there’s always…

4. A Rick & Morty crossover

rick morty community


Wishful thinking, I know, but The Simpsons and The Critic once did a crossover, and everyone but Matt Groening thinks that’s a classic. (Joel McHale should pull for an episode where he sleeps on top of a pile of money with many beautiful ladies.) Plus, we already know Rick & Morty (which you really should be watching) exists in the Community-verse, so it’s ripe for an “Abed going meta-crazy” angle.

5. Bring back Abed’s lady love (and more!)

asian annie


Now that Queen Brie Larson’s a big ol’ movie star, it’s unlikely she’d return to make Abed temporarily forget Troy. But I hope she does! I also wouldn’t say no to more Asian Annie, Vaughn, Robin, and Community‘s answer to Jenny Calendar, Professor Slater (hopefully she’s not dead.)

6. More swearing! More nudity! More swearing while nude!

annie britta


It’s the Internet, baby. Anything goes. OK, I don’t actually want Community to turn into Curb Your Enthusiasm — it’s disorienting hearing censored TV shows without the bleeps. But would I say no to Jeff, Britta, and Annie doing an homage to Wild Things? I would not. Thing is, Dan Harmon knows the Internet is dark and full of perverts, so expect some hardcore Leonard wang action, probably.

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