Today In Hilarious Lawsuits: ExxonMobil Is Suing FX Over The Second X In FXX

Yes, I know. You’re probably very tired of every story on the Internet proclaiming things to be the Best/Worst/Cutest/Dumbest Thing Ever. I spend all day on the Internet, so believe me, I can relate. But this lawsuit oil giant ExxonMobil filed against FX Networks today might actually live up to the hyperbole. It legitimately might be the dumbest thing ever.

What has world’s largest publicly traded oil company ExxonMobil’s knickers so knotted is the interlocking-ness of FXX‘s “X’s” in its logo. “ExxonMobil has invested many millions of dollars for more than four decades in advertising and promoting” the logo, David Beck, ExxonMobil’s attorney, said in the filing today in U.S. District Court in Houston, according to press reports. FX Networks and its studio affiliates, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. and Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. launched the offending FXX network, and its offending logo, just last month, according to the complaint. The network refused to drop the interlocking Xs when the oil company requested the change, according to the complaint.

Here are the two logos side by side. As you can clearly see, this is this is a blatant miscarriage of justice, and it will assuredly lead to such intense confusion that people all over the country will try to stuff DVDs of last season of The League into their gas tanks so they can drive to the Exxon station to watch the new episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia at the pump.

Luckily FXX has a pretty great lawyer on retainer.

(Via Deadline)