‘F Is For Family’ Will Be Serving Up More Of Bill Burr’s Warped Brand Of Animated Comedy

Just when you thought you could get Lovebone’s “Come and Get Your Love” out of your head comes something that’ll glue trap it back into your brain. F is for Family is getting a second season.

COME AND GE– Sorry, it’s just really hard to block that out.

Bill Burr’s NSFW animated comedy has been given the green light for another season. The 70s-set series will not only be coming back with a fresh batch of episodes, but instead of six installments, season 2 promises a more robust order of ten. We gave F is for Family a pretty glowing review when it debuted in December 2015 and it looks like Netflix has built a pretty strong stable of comedy offerings. Factor in programs like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, BoJack Horseman and The Characters and Netflix can boast a reputation as a comedy hotbed. A sometimes depressing comedy hotbed, but that’s part of the package.

Burr and Simpsons vet Michael Price will return to steer the ship. In case you forgot, the cast is pretty enviable. In addition to Burr voicing the far-from-PC patriarch, there’s Laura Dern, Justin Long, Debi Derryberry and Sam Rockwell among those lending their talents. If you’re in the mood to celebrate the second season in F-friendly style, bask in this foul-mouthed highlight reel.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)