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There are certain cheap, lazy ploys that blogs do to raise traffic.  Lists are one of the most popular, because they involve little research and no cohesive writing.  Caption contests are despicable, because bloggers ask readers to do the work that they should have done if they cared about entertaining their readers.  But perhaps the most offensive ploy is to ask a preposterous open-ended question without taking an actual stance.

Cue the New York Times’ Arts Beat blog, which wonders if “Family Guy” has surpassed “The Simpsons” because the former is nominated for the Emmy for Best Comedy Series, an honor never achieved by the show that will become the longest-running series in television history:

It’s only the second time that an animated show has been nominated in this category — the last series to get the nod was “The Flintstones” — and readers are reacting strongly. They’re especially surprised that another long running animated comedy, “The Simpsons,” has never been similarly honored…

What do you think? Should “Family Guy” have been nominated for a comedy series Emmy? Has it now surpassed “The Simpsons”?

A couple things here.  The Emmys expanded the number of nominees this year from five to seven.  “Family Guy” launched a heavy campaign to get nominated this year; “The Simpsons” only tried to get nominated twice in the ’90s before giving up and settling for “Best Animated Series.”  taking into account “The Simpsons'” place in pop culture and television history, how someone so short-sighted and weak-minded found the temerity to ask such a galactically stupid question under the banner of the venerated New York Times is positively mind-boggling.

I can’t wait for what’s up next on Arts Beat…  “Better sequel: The Godfather Part II or Transformers 2?”; “Space Heaters: Warmer than the Sun?”;  and “Ouch! I Thought These Were Safety Scissors!”

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