This ‘Family Feud’ Contestant Sure Knows A Lot About Zombies

“Name something you know about zombies.”

Those are the words that come out of Steve Harvey’s mouth at the beginning of this Family Feud clip. Even if you’re not an avid viewer of The Walking Dead, certain things should jump into your mind right away when you hear that, just from having a lifetime of Halloweens under your belt. Things like “They’re undead” or “They eat brains” or “Their flesh is usually rotting off their face.” You know, your typical children’s cartoon zombie stuff.

This lady? Not so much. I won’t totally spoil it for you, but I … yeah, I have no idea how or why that was the first thing that jumped into her brain. My working theory is that she hasn’t seen a zombie since the video for “Thriller.”

(via Hypervocal)