'Family Friendly' Edited Reruns Of 'The Walking Dead' Are Coming To Broadcast Television This Fall

03.20.14 12 Comments

If you love the characters and storytelling on The Walking Dead but hate all that pesky graphic violence, I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that you are insane. The good news is that Fox-owned broadcast network MyNetworkTV will begin airing edited, “family friendly” reruns of the show later this year, so you’ll finally get your wish, you weirdo.

From Entertainment Weekly:

Starting this fall, MyNet will run two episodes a week, edited for broadcast standards, from seasons of the show that have previously aired on AMC. Though not one the popular Big 4 networks, MyNet reaches 97 percent of the country and is likewise categorized as a broadcast channel mostly airing repeats of shows like Monk, House and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. “It’s not often you get to add the hottest show on the planet to your lineup,” said Frank Cicha of the Fox Television Stations. “We just did, and it’s a tremendous get for our stations.”

So, a few things:

  • “MyNetworkTV” is the laziest name possible for a television network.
  • The reruns will be edited down to TV-14 standards, which is actually what the first season — featuring the zombie skull axing in the banner image — ran at before the PTC complained and got it bumped up to TV-MA.
  • I wouldn’t worry about it losing too much violence, actually. I mean, have you seen broadcast television lately? James Spader smothered a twitching, struggling guy to death with a pillow for like 30 uninterrupted seconds on The Blacklist a few months ago. Between that show and Hannibal it’s like the Wild West out there now.

In conclusion, here’s six minutes of zombie kills. Have a great day.

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